Cincinnati Bell Internet Service Installation Reviews

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They will tell you they cannot install the internet for another 3-4 weeks then someone calls and says that all of a sudden they can install internet and TV (for a higher fee of course) the next day.Apparently the TV technicians cannot just come to install internet for some reason (I bet the reason is to trick the consumer to get TV). This is completely unethical and I will file an official consumer complaint to report this. Shame on a company...
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I am so tired of the frequent outages and unreliable service that Cincinnati Bell provides. My cable goes out every time there is a heavy rain or some wind. That was the reason I switched to Fioptics-so that I had service when it rained or stormed hard. Your service is actually worse than the satellite I had before. I don't have a smartphone so I need service during bad weather in case there is any tornado, severe thunderstorm, or flood warnings.
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