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Called in to fix my auto pay.After customer service gave me a super smug and sarcastic answers to setting it up on my own their internal system was down. On top of that, their internet reliability is terrible. Sometimes I get 25mbps over wifi (pay for 30). Sometimes it's under 5mbps.I have had to call them twice to chnge my phone number as well As explain why my internet is so slow (no explanation given, just a random girl, 'out likely not in...
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Cincinnati Bell's CEO Ted Torbeck should be ashamed of the services that his company offers. Just saying. They rarely work right. Whether its the tech support in the Philippines, the incorrect bills, slow internet, cable picture freezing problems, employees in the stores being rude, cheap equipment that doesn't work right, frequent outages, weather affecting it, etc. That's what you get with Cincinnati Bell and their Fioptics service. There...
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After reading other reviews on here, it looks like I'm not alone in the problems I am having with my Fioptics service. It is junk and has been problematic since I had it installed. Whenever I change the channels on my HD boxes, the screen freezes up and acts like its in slow motion for a while. Not only that, but it takes a while for the channel to actually change and respond. Ive replaced my cable-top boxes and router but that didn't help at...
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Well I was hoping this latest software update would help fix my internet, cable and home phone issues.It hasn't whatsoever. I was online earlier and my speeds are dismally slow and my internet went down for 15 minutes. It does this every night. It just dropped out again for about 5 minutes! The cable has not improved either. In fact, its worse. The screen is still freezing up and pixelating on many channels. Changing the channels is very slow...
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Hey Cincinnati Bell-you better hurry up and give some more money to the streetcar smh. Its been on the news, and word on the street is that the street car needs more money to operate this weekend, especially for Oktoberfest in Cincinnati. So, which channels will you be removing now to pay for that? Are you going to hire some more foreigners so you can pay them $6.00 an hour in the Philippines to save money and provide poor customer and tech...
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If you guys are going to have a big star like Nick Lachey promote your products in know the Nati and do your commercials, at least make your services work right.Your internet and cable are nothing but junk and never work right. I am constantly having to call you guys about my internet being really slow and cutting out every night during peak times. I need reliable and stable service so that I can run my business. I don't want to talk to some...
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My name is Neacol Johnson I am very disappointed in the service and customer service I have received.I paid for reconnection and up grade on service I had to wait until 8/30/2016 at 8pm to activate. I set the product up there is no internet connection I call tech support the first time the operator was rude and hung up on me. I called back they could not explain why my service is not connecting. I waited till company opened the next day called...
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Boycott Cincinnati Bell
I'm boycotting Cincinnati Bell on Facebook. Their social media team doesn't respond to criticism, which proves they don't care about customers. So, I started @BoycottCincinnatiBell page ( Like the page and send them a message! I have fioptics internet, and it's pretty hit or miss. The part that angers me most is that you *have* to pay their wi-fi router rental, regardless of whether you use it or...
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  • Mandatory equipment rental
  • Horrible customer service

Cincinnati Bell Fioptics Internet Service Review

Why does my internet keep slowing down. Get it fixed or I am going. Sick to time warner. To think cb was going to raise my monthly fee for inadequate international speed continued outages. I am at 5284 bell Ave 45242. Get it fixed I tired of paying for a iffy service. 513 293 9235 call only to tell me you can not fix this continued problem