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On Monday September 9, 2013, I received a “Past Due” bill ($557.93) for a Cincinnati Bell account I closed in June of 2013. The “Past Due” statement said that I had a “serious delinquency” with my account and they were going to be sending me to a collection agency.

When I closed my account in June, I had a 0.00 balance. I logged into my old account and it stated that I have a 0.00 balance. I called Cincinnati Bell to resolve this issue. The customer service representative first told me that it was my old bill.

I told her that I had paid my bill in full, in June, and my bill had never been delinquent. My bill has never been over $78.00 a month and paid timely each month. The customer service representative told me that I had 2 phones on the account. I let her know that there had never been 2 phones on the account.

There has only been 1 phone line with one phone. The customer service representative told me that she would have to look into it and put me on hold. When she came back on the line, she told me that the company had charged me for a new phone, AFTER I closed my account. She told me that it was a mistake and she had it taken care of and that I didn’t owe any money, and to disregard the bill.

I asked her to send me a letter or a bill stating that I had a zero balance. She told me that she could not send a letter to someone with a closed account. I asked her to send me an email stating that I had a zero balance, and she told me that she could not send me an email, again, since my account had been closed. I asked to speak with a supervisor, to see if the supervisor could send me a letter.

At 6:45pm the customer service representative then put me on hold for 15 minutes. The customer service representative came back on the line and told me that she was transferring me to a manager right away.

The customer service representative then TRANSFERRED ME TO AN ANSWERING SERVICE THAT STATED THE OFFICE CLOSED AT 7:00!!!!! The customer service representative kept me on hold until the manager’s office closed and then put me into an automated answering service that told me to call back the next day!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cincinnati Bell Customer Care.

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I know this post was in 2013, but was wondering the outcome? I am battling with them now and having a terrible time getting resolution.

I think this is pretty coincidental that like yours, my bill was $557, but never said "final bill". I canceled with them Dec 12, 2010, and still received bills until March 2011 with USAGE CHARGES!? Ummm....how is that possible? All of my bills were paid on time, but they still managed to screw it up, and who suffers?

Not them! I would love to see a class action suit filed.

Probably two minutes too late since they will be acquired by Verizon Feb 28th. Hopefully the Verizon team can fix all their indiscretions.

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #715377

Hi, Laura. I am having a terrible dispute with CBW right now regarding the fact an employee told me my contract was fulfilled before I ported my numbers to another carrier and then CBW billed me for early termination because I purchased new phones.

I did not sign a contract! Anyway, I think I received the same type of bill you did after I had cancelled my service. I really would love to start a class action suit for disgruntled CBW customers.

Let me know if you're interested. Paula

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