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Purchased a company who had signed an agreement with Cincinnati Bell for $154 per month for (I'm now learning) 1 biz line + a hunt line which is 8 x more than competitors charge. I waited until contract was over end of April, but was at the time franchising the business so waited until franchisee chose phone service. Cancelled service and was told that they added an early cancellation fee saying they notified us with a small print at the bottom... Read more

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Cincinnati Bell-Your internet and cable service is so unreliable and is very unstable. Just today, my internet cut out three times. It cut out four times in the past week. I reset the modem, but that doesnt do any good. It just went down in the middle of me trying to do online shopping. That kind of service is unacceptable for what I pay per month. Anytime there is rain or wind, the internet will get real slow or go down. I was told that weather... Read more

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The service is my area for Cincinnati Bell internet is only 10/1 but was using as backup. They raised the rate up to the "regular" rate of $58.52. The invoice date was 11/13/16 and I cancelled on 11/18/16. No pro-rates. Have to pay the full month. When I turned in the equipment, I was not advised this when they removed me from the electronic payment plan. I figured I would owe for 5 days. Now have a bill for $60.36 which includes a 8.95 late... Read more

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The picture quality on fioptics tv really stinks. Especially on the digital channels like ME TV and Retro TV. Even the 720p channels like Fox News, Big 10 Network, and Freeform have poor picture quality to. When will you guys fix this? This is a common complaint for many customers. The channels are not sharp or very clear. Also, the cable goes out quite frequently even if the weather is nice out. None of the channels stream smoothly and the... Read more

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You guys need to provide all of the local channels that are available over the air in the Cincinnati market like Time Warner Cable does. We are paying you for local tv channels and programming, and you aren't providing all of them. You don't even have Channels 14 or 16 in HD or have any of their digital subchannels. Its all about saving money and you guys being stingy and cheap, hence the foreign customer service which is horrible. I am looking... Read more

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What is it going to take to get you guys at Cincinnati Bell to fix the chronic problems with your cable service? So many aspects of if it never work right and a lot of people are having the same issues. I have had 3 technicians out, made 5 calls to your foreign technical support, sent emails to fioptics support, etc. Nothing has been fixed and I'm still waiting. I am beyond done having your cable and internet services. You guys do not care... Read more

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Fioptics cable has the worst user interface of any cable provider I've seen. It feels like I'm watching cable from the early 1990's. Time Warner's and Directv's are so much better. You took away iheart radio, the weather widget and other good apps. The menu and guide don't even run smoothly and are choppy causing the screen to freeze up. You don't have features like caller i.d. on television. You guys need to get with the times so you can stay... Read more

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I am fed up with the service I receive from Cincinnati Bell Fioptics. I pay good money for poor service. My cable problems are happening everyday now-whenever I change channels, the screen takes a long time to load or sometimes freezes up, pixelates and is choppy. It takes a long time to actually change the channel. Then the sound won't match the screen and the sound cuts in and out while the menu is on the screen. Why hasn't this been fixed... Read more

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So I scheduled a visit from these morons to install my existing service into my new place. They said they'd be there Monday morning, and would call first. No call, no show. I called them and the rep, who was difficult to understand because on an accent, told me that they'd called my landline. I moved! I'm not where the landline was! Duh!!! So she rescheduled for Tuesday. Again, no call, no show. I tried calling again, twice, and was on... Read more

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You guys have the worst internet and cable service of any provider around. Fioptics is a joke. Your technicians, engineers, and management are more than aware of these issues but do nothing to resolve any of them. I know someone on the inside there and they tell me all about the issues with feeezing channels, channel changing not being smooth or loading slowly, pixelating channels, slow internet, congested network, buffering, slow streaming,... Read more

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